A Guitar Hero Is...

The #AGuitaristIs project was started in response to the idea that  there are no new guitar heroes, a thesis of the article "Death of the Electric Guitar". On the contrary, Sarah believes that the Boston music community alone is host to many inspiring guitarists. Though mainstream media may depict the guitar hero as a homogeneous identity, the reality is that guitar heroes represent a variety of genres, ages, races, cultures, genders, and sex.  The #AGuitaristIs project was a way to display proof of what Sarah already knew to be true.

In June 2017, she began to interview guitar players in her community and publish them via Savoir Faire's social media outlets.

In July 2018, the interview project came to an end, but to date the project continues with a monthly playlist and a concert series.

Each concert aims to promote a diverse definition of what a guitarist is and can be. In addition, a portion of proceeds from each show goes to an organization that helps to support the musical aspirations of young musicians that are underrepresented or undersupported in the mainstream narrative.