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In June 2017, Savoir Faire published interviews with an array of guitarists in the Boston community. She asked each guitar player the same 10 questions.  


The #AGuitaristIs project was created in response to Death of the Electric Guitar's thesis that there are no more guitar heroes. On the contrary, Savoir Faire believes that the Boston music community alone is host to many inspiring guitarists. The guitar hero does not belong to a homogeneous identity, but rather, exists in musicians of any and all musical genres, ages, races, cultures, genders, and sex.  Popular culture simply hasn't evolved to redefine the idea for modern times. The #AGuitaristIs project is aimed at displaying the modern and relevant definition of what a guitar player is.

In July 2018, the project transitioned to a monthly playlist featuring all genres of music 

In 2019, Savoir Faire began to curate a series of concerts titled "A Guitarist Is". Each concert aims to display how diverse the instrument, and its respective players, are. The series also serves as a fundraiser for local organizations that facilitate musical opportunities for young people who are underrepresented or under supported in the mainstream narrative.   


In 2020, due to the inability to put on live shows during the Coronavirus pandemic, Savoir Faire shifted to online "video chats" with guitar players. 

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