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With a voice straight out of the jazz age, Savoir Faire brings the millennial existential crisis into a world of retro-noir: reproductive rights, the working class, climate change- as the title track of her 2022 EP, Think Twice, states: "This is not a feel good song."

Studying jazz guitar in college, Savoir Faire soon discovered the duets of Joe Pass and Ella Fitzgerald, shaping her approach to both harmonic and melodic lines on guitar and voice. She spent years performing as a lounge singer and guitar player before adding the last few ingredients that would form the aesthetic of Savoir Faire: the influence of dramatic 60s noir and 90s alternative rock. With lush and syrupy vocals, biting lyricism, and searing guitar parts that hint at her Persian heritage, Savoir Faire invites listeners into a world of wistful nostalgia and modern rage. It's a cocktail of genres for those suffering from a case of modern reality. It's Savoir Faire.

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