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 Jazz Noir with a    Rock'n Roll twist.

"Sarah’s performance was spot on…by champion musicianship, and chordal movement on her semi-hollow body jazz guitar.Sarah somehow took all those standards, combined them, and instead of feeling cliche, she created something all her own.”-Tom Bianchi

The Telegram: Top 10 Local Albums of 2018

"A sort of rock- and ’60s-lounge-inflected jazz that positively brims with energy and a sort of underlying sense of whimsy. There’s a brightness to the album, but also an intelligence: Songs such as “Education,” “Memento” and especially the title track poke at the very idea of what it means to be really alive, and the result is captivating. "- Victor Infante

Red Line Roots

"Sarah had a way of drawing you in with a quiet confidence, but it was pure confidence. Funny and quick on the wit, but serious once the playing started…and this girl can play. The quiver in her voice coupled with the warm tone from her archtop guitar and jazz stylings won me over immediately."- Brian Carroll

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