Known for her retro vocal quality and unique guitar stylings, Savoir Faire is the musical project of Boston based singer/songwriter Sarah Fard. Trained in jazz guitar but inspired by rock and roll, Savoir Faire's music presents a " "A sort of rock- and '60s-lounge-inflected jazz" (Victor Infante) cocktail of decades and genres for the strange times for which we live. Combined with lyrical content reflecting on issues of inequity, social constructs, and empowerment, Savoir Faire's musicianship brings nostalgia to a new era of guitar rock.

Savoir Faire believes that one must practice what they preach. Though music is a powerful force, she believes that action goes beyond songwriting. She actively promotes change through work as a music educator, adjunct professor, and advocate for inclusion in the music community. She won the 2018 Berklee Urban Service Award and was ranked one of the top 10 guitarists of the 2020 #1RiffADay challenge by She Shreds Media.

"(Machine with a Memoir) presents a textured and shaded study in longing, applying the emotion in different ways to a slow-burn jazz groove that periodically rumbles and rumbles, and yet somehow always feels constricted and tightly controlled [. . .] not a note is wasted" - Victor Infante, The Worcester Gazette