Savoir Faire is the musical project of Boston based singer/songwriter and guitarist Sarah Fard. Trained in jazz guitar but inspired by rock and roll, Savoir Faire fuses genres in what has been described as " A sort of rock- and ’60s-lounge-inflected jazz" (Victor Infante). The music of Savoir Faire combines nostalgia with relevancy. Her  vocals often recall the crooners of decades past, as can her songwriting-if crooners employed searing guitar riffs and biting lyrics.

Savoir Faire's most recent releases are Creature of Habit, originally a work created for the Acoustic Guitar Project, and 1945. Both were recorded at BearTone Studios in Boston are a follow up to her DIY work, "Machine with a Memoir."

"(Machine with a Memoir) presents a textured and shaded study in longing, applying the emotion in different ways to a slow-burn jazz groove that periodically rumbles and rumbles, and yet somehow always feels constricted and tightly controlled [. . .] not a note is wasted" - Victor Infante, The Worcester Gazette